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Report An Issue Guidelines

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Report An Issue Guidelines Empty Report An Issue Guidelines

Post by Admin Graves on Tue May 26, 2015 5:05 pm

Basic Guidelines
Basic guidelines that you should always follow when creating a suggestion in this forum.

Search first, Post second. Before posting a thread you should search to see if one already exists in both the suggestion box and closed suggestions. Be sure to use key words rather than a full sentence. E.g. instead of using "Please make a 4inarow Android and iOS app." Search for "4inarow App"

All suggestions should have a clear representation of what their thread is about as their title. Titles like "Read Me Plox" will be instantly closed because it serves no purpose seeing the title as that. If you want users and staff to take your suggestion seriously then make a decent title pertaining to what you are suggesting.

Your suggestions should be as descriptive as you can possibly make it where necessary. The more description you provide to everyone, the better they will be able to understand what you are trying to suggest.

If you see a suggestion that has been posted before, simply post a link to that previous suggestion and report the thread to be locked. This will help users and staff sort through the ones that are relevant and recent as opposed to ones we have already addressed. Nobody likes seeing the same thing suggested over and over.

DO NOT make suggestions like "make this section better" or "make the forums more active". You are telling us stuff we probably already know and are only providing us with something we have to do. If you want to be truly helpful, suggest how to achieve that goal instead of just posting that goal.

DO NOT post saying "clear your cache" These will be deleted on sight. They're of very little help most of the time.

DO NOT tag staff members We will see the thread.
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