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reason for giveaway why i should win

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reason for giveaway why i should win Empty reason for giveaway why i should win

Post by josh cakoni on Sat May 30, 2015 9:24 am

Hey! My name is Josh and im 14 years old First of all i want to say thanks for doing the giveaway, giving me a chance to win! I would want to win because i cant afford it. Im not just saying that, i was looking for £20 PS3 used and everything becuase i try so hard in school and thought i deserve it! I had an xbox 360 when i was 10 and had to sell it to get money. Every day  got to school and see my friends i feel very left out. They talk about there game and there fifa match and im just there left out standing. Someone was going you have ps3 you have xbox 1 and then came to me. I felt very embarrassed and you dont even know what it feels like. I dont iinvite any friends over becuase we have nothing to play with! I would be so blessed and grateful to get a xbox. Well theres my reason Smile Hope i win! my channel is cakonidesigns so just comment on a video if i win

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