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Gta V dupe car to friend 1.24/1.26

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Gta V dupe car to friend 1.24/1.26 Empty Gta V dupe car to friend 1.24/1.26

Post by GTA V Moderator:Jessie345 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:06 pm

1.get car out of garage and park it some were near garage.

2.tell your friend to go in his garage and go to his bike rack.

3.than who's givin the car away you go to jobs,rockstar created,missions and also put matchmaking to close.

3.while your friend or who u dupe car to is at bike rack invite them to the mission and also they have to appear offline so u can invite them via there gamertag when they get invite they get bike and accept invite right after and while they on black screen they keep tapping a rapidely.
4.when there joined in you kick them out.

5.while glitched get in car.

6.drive car in garage and ta da u did it Smile and if i messed up please tell me.

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GTA V Moderator:Jessie345
GTA V Moderator:Jessie345

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Gta V dupe car to friend 1.24/1.26 Empty Re: Gta V dupe car to friend 1.24/1.26

Post by Admin Tomz on Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:15 pm

Thanks it worked good Smile :Bash it:
Admin Tomz
Admin Tomz

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