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Black Ops 2 Solo Hacks [Game Saves]

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Black Ops 2 Solo Hacks [Game Saves] Empty Black Ops 2 Solo Hacks [Game Saves]

Post by Admin Tomz on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:20 pm

Special "F**k You" shoutz to - iTz CharlieB, oChaoticRavenger, JordanB and a few others = for leeching off my gamesaves/gamesave information, making their own videos without giving credit just like they did with my MW3 Gamesaves Mods, lol.

Sup guys. Well, I have been working on these for a while I just got side-tracked with overtime at work and spending time with the family. All of these gamesaves are set to Veteran difficulty and increased player health to help you complete the missions. I also included a few other mods for fun. These gamesaves work for both offline and online use so it'll be up to you to choose how to use them. I couldn't get Chrome nor Cartoon vision to work in the gamesave but if any of you find a pretty cool vision that is not annoying then feel free to post the dvars and I'll update the gamesaves and of course give you credit for it :biggrin:

Just open the Horizon Tool, replace my nulled ID's with yours, rehash and resign and then put them back in your USB/HDD.

Download (Must Register):
Password (Must Register):
D1G1TALMODZV1 //This is the password to download the file and open the .zip file after downloading
Admin Tomz
Admin Tomz

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